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Our running workshops are back. These are aimed at all runners of all abilities who want to improve their knowledge of what constitutes good running form and how you measure up. This could be with regard to an injury or performance. These last 4 hours, include both theory and practice. Come prepared to run and exercise in a new way to make you a better runner.

Why Look at how your Run

The way we move is unique to us and we all move in our own way based on our skeletal make up and the way we have adapted over time. Our non-running life will also influence how we move. Therefore we do not make our workshops too prescriptive but discuss the basic principles of what is good running form and how you can fit your running into these principles. Knowing how you run and how to make changes can make a big difference on injuries and performance. We aim to make you more efficient and less prone to injuries, unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will not get an injury, because being a running you are likely to keep pushing hard. This is what we do as runners! But it is great fun and puts a smile on our faces.

What happens on the workshop?

The workshop consists of various bits of running. These are all carried out in a small space and this makes the workshop suitable for all abilities. You can run at your own pace and distance. All the activities are undertaken close to the base and you will not be left or allowed to go too far ahead. We give you a chance to warm up and get into your stride but this is down to you.

To start, after your own warm up, we shall capture your running gait. This is done as an individual but in the group. We capture you from a side and back view. If there is anything in particular you want to see then talk to us so we make sure we capture this. For example a knee pain might be best view from the front so we can see how much rotation you show at contact. When we have captured everyone running we shall head back inside to talk about the basic principles of good running form.

Some Science

This will be a short presentation and discussion regarding running form. We shall discuss foot strike and attempt to address some of the myths about which bit of your foot is best to hit the floor first and our thoughts on this (there isn’t one best way by the way). There are 5 main things we shall look at and use video to explain these. We shall then compare your videos to these basic principles. This discussion is done as a group.

This will give you an idea of how and why you are running as you are and you may start to make some connections between possible injuries and poor performance. You might be trying to increase your running speed but struggle to make progress. Your running form may hold the key. We shall then start to look at how to make changes in a safe way. This will involve particular exercises and running drills.

Running Specific Exercises and Drills

We shall go through the exercises that relate to each of the principles of good running form. There will be an explanation of the exercise and how it will help you. You need to understand how to do the exercise properly and how it relates to your running. This makes more sense to the reasons why certain exercises are better for you. We spend time going through the exercises with plenty of time to practice. Bodies are great at cheating when we do something new for the first time and we shall make sure you are doing it the right way.

Once we have done this we shall move onto the running drills. This further cement the changes to your running form. Drills should be become part of your training week and should be done in a controlled way. They should be done to the best of your ability each time. It is not how you are going to be running but we need the drill to focus on one aspect your running and then you use a bit of all of them when you are actually out there running.

Another Video to show the changes you have made

You will be videoed at the end of this session and then we can compare before and after. We will hopefully show you what you look like running in a new way. This helps cements how you feel and what it looks like. This is important as you need to remember this feeling when you are out on your own doing your own running. You can’t see yourself running but you will remember how it feels. It is important not to judge yourself against other people as they will have different factors that lead them to run in the way they do. You will be different, these factors include; body type, day to day activity, type of running, how long you have been running and other health factors.

At the end of the workshop (you might be a bit achy) you should also have a good idea of how you are running, any links to injury or performance, what you need to change, how to go about implementing these changes and how to take this forward. We shall also have time for discussion on footwear, injuries, training planes and, I am sure, lots of other interesting points. These 4 hours will fly bye, I promise you.

This workshop is a joint collaboration between Colin Papworth at Colpod Therapies and Seb Walker at SRW Fitness and will be held at The Glass Yard, Chesterfield on Sunday 13th November 2022 10am to 2pm. Contact us for more information or if you want to book click here >

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