Colpod Podiatry and Therapies

At Colpod we understand the importance of being outside, being active and enjoying what we do. If your activities are being impacted by your body experiencing pain, whether walking, running, gardening or enjoying nature, then we can help. Our feet play an important part in keeping us active and may be a contributing factor to pains elsewhere in our body. Out team of podiatrists are experts in all aspects of foot pain and  understand your movements. We aim to diagnose what is causing your pain and explain what has caused the problem. We will work with you to take all the steps required to get you back to enjoying your activities. Our podiatrists and physiotherapists can help you get around more comfortably, walk the dog a bit further or improve any aspect of your running or sports. Have a read of our website and get in touch if you would like more information. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible and taking steps to reduce our environmental impact.

How we can help - why come to us at Colpod

We have a team of excellent podiatrists, physiotherapists and sports massage therapists over two locations (Chesterfield and Hathersage) who have loads of experience in working with a huge variety of people. We do treat your symptoms, but we also look further and see what might be causing the issues you have. We assess how your body is working and aim to find the links between function and injury or performance. We use our experience and knowledge but also have access to some high-tech equipment to help us make sure we are giving the best advice and treatments. We have a team of people providing a variety of services and treatments across many areas of work. We understand the need to keep active and how frustrating it is not to be able do what you love. We aim to keep moving as much as you are able, no one likes stopping but sometimes we need to reduce our loading for a short period of time. Stick with us and it will work out. 

What do we do that is a bit different?

Some presentations of conditions do not fit the accepted normal. Our experience enables us to find out what is going on. We are often presented with situations that do not fit the normal presentation. We will often discuss your situation between ourselves to help find out what is going on and the best way to treat. We also have a range of technologies to shed further light on your presentation. We see lots of people in pain who have had treatment and investigations and not getting better, our approach will be different. Let us have a chat and see what we can do.

Experienced staff

Our staff have plenty of experience and have specialist areas of interest.  We have seen lots of things and have worked with many people. We have experience of working with both professional and recreational sports people across a variety of sports. We are happy to work with you, whatever your ability or sport. Setting off on your first Couch to 5k run to aiming for Olympic Gold – we have done it. But you don’t have to be sporty to come to our clinics. We aim to keep you moving and enjoying your activities, whatever you choose to participate in.

Our podiatrists and physiotherapist undertake regular training sessions and always looking to improve our knowledge to offer you the best treatments.  We enjoy learning different things and we know the medical profession doesn’t stay still, neither do we. We want to be able to offer treatments that will work for you and this will be discussed at the initial assessment. If we feel that you would benefit from something that we do not offer we will try to help you access those services. We have some great links with local clinics.

Our admin staff are excellent and will make sure everything runs smoothly.
Give them a call on 01246 273848 and you will see what we mean.  

Clinic systems

Online bookings
At Colpod we aim to be as paperless as possible and use a recognised clinic management system. All your data is held securely in the cloud. We have online bookings available for some of our services, others we will need to speak to you first. For all bookings you will receive an email or text confirmation with all the details you need for your appointment.

We are able to produce a report for you regarding your assessment and treatment plan if you like. Just ask your clinician.

Many of our clinicians are registered with a variety of health insurance companies. We can provide information for you to be able to claim back what your plan entitles you to.

We treat you and the way you move

We are very much of the opinion that we are all individuals and there is not a one shoe that fits all feet.  Why you get your pain is likely to be different to the next person. Our bodies are amazing and the way the respond to stresses and loads is also different. This is why the assessment is so important to enable a truly customised treatment plan to be discussed with you. There are a number of different ways we can approach an injury or performance issue and what works for you may not work for someone else. Some of you might benefit from a quick fix pain relieving injection or a course of manual therapy and for some of you a plan of rehabilitation exercises and changing the way your run might be more to your liking. Some of you may need a few of our services over a period of time. Firstly lets see what is going on, why has it occurred and then we can discuss what to do about it.


Podiatry hathersage machine

Footscan pressure mat
We use a Footscan pressure / force plate to look at how you move over your feet and how much load you put on each foot. We can see the timing of foot contact and how your body moves over your foot. 

3D scanning of feet / impressions
We use laser scanners to capture your feet when we are prescribing custom orthoses. This means we are capturing your true foot shape and position and so should make for a more truly custom fit. 

Gate Analysis

Video Gait Analysis
At Colpod we use 2D video as a stand alone or with the pressure scan to see how you are moving. The frame-by-frame replay allows us to see, in fine detail, any areas that we feel are causing concern. This is invaluable when we are working with you to change movement patterns. See our blog for more details

Checking the patient foot from the Materialise footscan

The use of ultrasound allows us to look inside your feet. We can assess the amount of damage to your plantar fascia or tendons, if there is a neuroma or bursa. This provides great information to allow us to see what stage of injury you are at and can play a big role in planning your treatment and giving you different treatment options. We also use this for guiding our injection therapies.

We offer a range of services from different clinicians to address your requirements. Please contact us if you want to discuss which service would be best for you.


We offer a range of treatments. These will be discussed with you when you come for your first visit. Some treatments will in included at the initial assessment and some may have to be booked in following the assessment. Some conditions will require a number of treatments to be used to gain maximum effect. We have treatments for your presenting symptoms and some to enable longer term effects to be maintained. Please contact us to discuss if you need more information. 

Running Shoe Testing – A bit of fun.

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