Services for Runners

Colpod Podiatry and Therapies  offers a variety of assessments and diagnostics for runners, all under one roof.  Whether you are just starting off on your running journey or a seasoned,  experienced runner aiming to beat your PB or maintain your age group place we have something to help you. 

Injury is the biggest concern for runners and we pride ourselves on being able to help with diagnosis but also help you understand why you have become injured. Our staff understand the importance of looking at the cause of the problem and not just treating the symptoms you present with. Your symptoms are often the end result of a series of compensations that your body has made in response to a training issue or traumatic event. Something that you may not even be aware has happened. 

Our bodies are great at protecting us and will making adjustments to our stride, body position and to how we interact with the ground we run on.  These adjustments are usually fantastic in the short term and essential to allow us to keep functioning.  The issue comes when our body is unable to continue to make changes to keep up with the loads we continue to place on it. Simply put if we continue to ignore the signs from our body, at some point something is going to break. 

This is definitely the time to seek help. Come and talk to us if you are at this point or getting close to this point, we, as runners, know when we are ignoring warning signs. We have all been there and continue to come across these issues. 

We will work with you to look at the reasons why the injury or niggles are happening. We look at the symptoms and then have a variety of assessments to get to the bottom of what is going on. Once we have all the information we can discuss with you and formulate a treatment plan to both address the symptoms and help you address the underlying cause of the problem. Which might be related to something that happened in the past or more recent events that have caught up with you. We discuss the lot. 

Ask to have an appointment with Colin, he is a runner and has worked with all manner of runners for many years.  He will understand your frustrations and know you want to get back running again.  A sensible approach to helping you maintain as much running or activity as possible as we know that bodies heal faster and better when you are using them. We just need to reduce the amount of damage you are doing, in the short term.

Please get in touch if you want more information.

Biomechanical Assessments

A consultation and examination are conducted to diagnose and treat foot or lower limb pain related to physical activity. A discussion of the issue and potential treatment options follows.


A gait scan using pressure plate technology provides information on how feet respond to loading and how the body moves over them, aiding in understanding movement patterns and potential injuries.

Video Analysis

The video analysis provides comprehensive information on how an individual functions, including movement patterns and potential links to injury or performance issues. This information is valuable for post-treatment reviews.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is great not just for injury but also for helping prevent injury.

Benefits of Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy…

  • Increase mobility and flexibility of muscle tissue
  • Decrease the risk of injury
  • Correct muscular imbalances
  • Relieve tension and stress
  • Improve Range of Movement & flexibility
  • Relieve muscle pain and spasm
  • Breakdown scar tissue & adhesion
  • Get you back to full function after surgery/accidents/slips or falls
  • Increase or decrease muscle tone
  • Deactivate trigger points
  • Improve postural awareness
  • Correct dysfunctional movement patterns
  • Speed up recovery from training & aid rehabilitation
  • Identify potential causes & help with injury prevention
  • Can form part of a training programme to optimise performance
  • Increase feelings of well-being
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Ultrasound/Injection Therapies

The service offers ultrasound scans of feet and ankles to examine any injuries.

Running Assessment

This assessment combines a runners biomechanical assessment, gait scan and video analysis. This give us a whole load of information to help come up with a plan to address all the issues and help you get back to running as soon as possible.