Why Choose Studio Pilates?

Studio Pilates north derbyshire

Anyone can be unlucky enough to have an accident but, in the immortal words of Eeyore, “They’re funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.” Exactly the same can be said of injuries, illnesses and the onset of any other physical condition that affects the normal, everyday way the body functions. In fact, we tend not to think about the body all that much until something does happen or go wrong. These things can be sudden, as a result of a trauma, an abrupt movement or an illness that comes on quickly or they can emerge as something more gradual that begins as an underlying slight niggle then slowly gets worse until it becomes a much bigger everyday problem which seriously hampers your life and stops you from doing what you want to do.

Often, even after having treatments, where the symptoms are alleviated, the original problems frequently drift back as we return to our day-to-day life making conditions hard to manage on a longer-term. The trouble is, it is invariably difficult to know what we can do for ourselves in order to help matters. After all, we could be making things worse, if we’re not careful.

Fortunately, specialist injury rehabilitation and tailored body maintenance work are now available at the recently opened Holywell Pilates Studio, under the direction of Comprehensive Pilates professional, Magdalen Hardy. Magdalen has over 15 years of experience of working in physical rehabilitation and therapeutic body conditioning, having undertaken three years’ of training with the Pilates Foundation in London. Working alongside clinicians, physical therapists and neurological and orthopaedic specialists, Magdalen’s work has predominantly focussed on surgical rehabilitation, maintenance of on-going neurological, skeletal and muscular conditions, prosthetics and work with professional dancers and competitive athletes.

The new, fully-equipped Pilates studio at Colpod Therapies is the only one of its kind in North Derbyshire and the Peak District and a rarity outside London and the major cities.

Studio Pilates is a completely unique form of body conditioning which strengthens, mobilises and balances the body, allowing for the regaining of an easy physicality, maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Comprehensive Studio Pilates can be of benefit to almost everybody and can also be invaluable in aiding the rehabilitation & maintenance of many specialised conditions including:

• Sports Injuries

• Spinal conditions and disc issues

• Hip & knee replacement

• Neurological, autoimmune and chronic conditions

• Surgery preparation and rehabilitation

• Ante & Post natal

• Repetitive Strain injuries

• Postural problems

• Chronic back and joint issues

• General physical fitness, mobility & balance

Studio sessions are taught in specially equipped, dedicated Pilates studio either on a one-to-one basis or in very small groups (up to 3) and last 60 minutes.

Clients work on large, specialised pieces of apparatus which is used to provide appropriate resistance to challenge as well as sufficient support as required. Individual requirements are assessed and then the studio adapted to tailor the exercises given, to suit individual needs.

Appointments are available but please contact us for information, Magdalen is very happy to discuss any problems, concerns or issues with clients before bookings are made. Pilates is only available at Hathersage.

The Studio Pilates Method is an on-going process. In order to progress, clients would benefit from three or four weekly initial sessions to establish the work. They may then choose to come for sessions weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just occasionally depending on their own personal requirements and circumstances.

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