Should I See A Podiatrist For My Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprain

Don’t underestimate an ankle sprain!!

Podiatrists at the University of Salford have been researching the effects of ankle sprains, and if left uncorrected, how they could predispose individuals to develop repeat ankle problems. (As reported in Assistive Technologies Dec/Jan Issue)

Colin Papworth (our expert in Biomechanics) agrees and says that if your ankle sprain has not considerably improved after 3 months then you should definitely think about seeing a Podiatrist who specialises in ankle mobilisation.

The study by the University of Salford found that up to 70% of individuals develop lasting symptoms such as the ankle feeling unstable or starting to give way and are vulnerable to recurrent sprains.

If you are interested in taking part in the study by the University then you can contact them on Twitter @KneeAnkleFoot ‏

To make an appointment with Colpod to take a look at your injury call the clinic on 01246 273848.

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