Runners Specific Exercises – What you need to know

There are a whole load of exercises recommended for runners. You Tube has many hours of amazing exercises to help you with your running performance and to prevent injury. All with various promises of doing amazing things for your running. And none of them are most likely wrong. But you need to know what works for you, have a plan and know what you are doing them for. The following is an explanation of runners specific exercises for injury prevention and recovery.

Why Do Exercises?

Firstly we need to look at what is the point of doing exercises.

The main thing is to help with specific strength of specific running muscles. We can only train muscles so far when we are running. This might be enough for you and your running alone is adequate to meet your running needs. No problems, Carry on. If you are wanting to go faster or longer on your runs then it makes sense that you need stronger muscles. To help you run faster or to help you run longer. At some point running alone may not be enough to help you progress. This is when you need to do something extra.

So why not just run more?

You can do this, but the issue here is the recover phase. The longer you run the longer the recovery needs to be. You will recover faster from a strength and conditioning sessions than a running session. During a strength and conditioning session we can target certain muscles and target the job that they are doing. So our training then becomes very specific and focused. This then becomes a more efficient way of training. We get more out of the session and recovery is also faster for the amount of work we have done.

Which Muscles help us go faster or longer?

The main muscles we need to work on are the ones that we use to propel us forward. The ones down the backs of our legs – glute max (bum), hamstrings (back of thigh), calf and feet. Followed up with core stability, as we need something stable for these big propulsion muscles to push against. We also need to make sure we target dynamic core strength and not just static core strength. Running is a very dynamic activity and so our exercises have to work on dynamic strength. This is a really important point.

Here is a link to some more detail in a runners word article.

Strength training for runners: Your need-to-know guide (

Practical Session

Myself and Seb Walker are putting on a couple of sessions to go through the exercises that we feel are of most benefit. This is on Wednesday 17th January 204 and will be held at Seb’s studio at the Glass Yard, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. These sessions will last about an hour, will be very practical and will give you a plan to take away to introduce into your training plan. There is a 9.30am slot and a 5.30pm slot. Each restricted to 15 people due to space. Cost is £10pp. Please feel free to bring your own yoga mat although will be some you can use. We shall go through exercises for both rehabilitation of an injury and strength and conditioning for on going prevention. These will be body weight exercises although we shall discuss how to make them harder with the addition of dumbbells or kettle bells.

How to Book / More information

Here is the link to online booking. Click the link and go to Glass Yard location, Group sessions and then podiatry. This will give you the choice of which session you want to book.

Colpod Therapies – Book appointment (

Or email or call 01246273848

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