Moving More is Good For You

I was asked to speak on a podcast called Into Your Life that is hosted by Lenka and Natalie. They wanted to talk about walking. How not just that moving more is good for you, but trying to go more minimalist, even barefoot walking. How to go about it and how good it could be for you. They also wanted to discuss if this approach could be bad for you, or things to watch out for. We cover a variety of topics but we kept coming back to the following points.

  • Just move a bit more than you do.
  • Go outside and move.
  • Reduce the level of support you are giving your feet to allow your body to move more freely.

I shall summarise these points but please have a listen to this podcast and have a look at their other conversations. They have some great guests.–Ep-51-e20faj4

Moving More

Moving is so good for us. Our bodies are designed to move, in fact we are always moving. We are made of lots of different structures and they work so much better if we move them. Blood flows, air flows, fluid in our body moves, stretchy structures stay elastic, hard structures get harder if we load and move them. You can’t help but feel good after you have moved. Bodies respond and our minds respond to activity.

Enjoying the Early Starts to see the Sunrise is a great way to get out and do something different

Moving More and Pain

If we are in pain we move less and bodies have reduced tolerance to movement and we therefore move less. When we do try and move it hurts so we avoid it. This creates a downward spiral of events, until we cannot move anywhere without pain. If this is the case – then why not try moving more? Not a lot but a little, little bits of movement and often. This is important. We can’t move for long but we can often do lots of little movements many times. Bodies love this way of working. Easy to do and easy to recovery. Try it and see.

Go Outside and Move More

Moving more in an environment that makes us happy is important. Don’t make life hard for yourself. Go somewhere that makes you feel good. A walk round a local park, bench to bench. Many now have cafés. There are also lots of distractions. Animals, birds, flowers, trees. Each time you go it will be different, promise, you just look. Don’t worry about your body, look with your eyes, use your senses, your body will follow along. Try it and see.

You don’t have to climb big hills, just getting out into your local park is a great way to start

Footwear to help you move more

Your footwear should help you walk or run. You shouldn’t be fighting your shoes. Sometimes removing the support from your shoes or even going barefoot for a short while can really change how your body responds to walking. Having less support does put more strain on your body so take care to start with. There should be a gradual transition. Start easy with low volume and build up as your body adjusts.

It is also well worth seeking out a shop that can help you go through process of buying new footwear. The shop needs to understand how you are moving and know the demands you are going to be placing on your body. I work at Accelerate in Sheffield and in this shop are excellent staff and a fantastic range of shoes. These shoes area great for walking as well as running. You need to go and try these shoes as fit, comfort and then lastly function is so important.

Link to a fantastic independent shop for footwear


Walking more is fantastic but get checked out first with a health professional who knows how to talk you through the process.

It is definitely not for everyone. Maybe you will have to stick with your more supportive shoes.

It will put different stresses and loads on your body. You will use your body differently.

Everyone responds differently and you may not responds the same way as a friend did.

You will need a period of adjustment. It will take time.

Specific exercises will compliment moving more and reducing support in your shoes. These can be a really important part of the process and should work with you and what you are trying to do.

Taking a break and enjoying the views

Walking outside, in the countryside, in new places is such a great thing to do. There are so many benefits from walking barefoot in the park. Breaking old habits is about enjoying the new ones, otherwise it is not going work for you. Give it a try and if you have any questions please get in touch. Good luck and enjoy finding your feet again. How we can help – Colpod therapy (

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