Lower Limb Pain

Our lower limb – Shins, Knees and Hips are subjected to lots of stresses and strains during our day-to-day activity or when we partake in our  sports, Repetitive loading of our legs or a sudden trauma can lead to pain and discomfort. Our staff will diagnose and try to understand what has caused the problems. We will then work with you to sort out the problem.

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Shin Pain / Shin Splints

These terms cover a variety of issues that can present in the shin. Over training is a common cause of these issues. They are often a repetitive stress injury. Whether it is tibial bone pain or one of the many muscles that are in the lower leg, the repeated action of walking, running or training places high loads on these structures and too much too soon will lead to an injury.

We aim to narrow down this diagnosis with specific assessment techniques and provide appropriate treatment for your specific shin pain condition.

For more information on ankle pain please watch our video blog – Shin Splints Explained

Knee Pain

Knees like to move forward and backwards, they are the classic hinge joint. When they are subjected to rotations and sideways bending they start to grumble. Pain behind the knee cap, compression of the cartilage or strain on the ligaments and supporting muscles can all lead to pain.

Our assessment will try to identify dysfunctional movements causing the problem and our treatment aim will be to reduce them.  This could be a combination from physio for rehabilitation and podiatry for gait analysis and orthoses and footwear.

Hip Pain

Hips have a lot going on. Pain in joint, the big bursa on the outside or deep in the muscles in the groin or buttock can all be an issue. Foot and leg function from below and back and upper body function from above can all play a part in contributing to hip pain.

Assessment will aim to diagnose and then treatment discussed. It may consist of massage, manual therapy and functional rehabilitation as well how to use your body and load management.

Knee pain