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Foot Pain Chesterfield

Colpod Therapies are experts in resolving foot pain, based in Chesterfield

We have a team of qualified therapists and physios with years of experience of all kinds of foot and ankle pain and how to resolve it.
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Heel Pain

Heel pain is very common and Plantar Fasciitis presents most often. It usually occurs when we increase our activity and we stretch and the stress the structures in our arch. These become inflamed we often feel the pain where these attach to the heel bone. Pain is often worse when you stand up but eases as you move about.

There are many potential cases of heel pain. Our podiatrists will spend time with you taking a history, assessing your condition in order to give you an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. There are a lot of different treatment options and we often get the best results from using a combination of them.

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Forefoot pain

Midfoot Pain

Pain in your midfoot can have many different causes. Some are straight forward, but others can be more complicated. Pain often presents as an ache across the top or towards the outside of the foot. Pain lasting after a trauma, such as an ankle sprain can be the cause. 

Assessment will identify these structures and treatment will be discussed. Manual therapy of the foot can be really helpful to reduce and clear these symptoms. We need to get the foot moving correctly again. We can also inject into these joints for pain relief.

foot pain chesterfield

Forefoot pain

Pain in the front of the foot often comes from the ball of the foot, just back from your toes, and is painful as you move up onto your toes when walking or running. It often builds slowly but can be very debilitating.

The most common causes are stress fractures of the metatarsals. Stress fractures are the most painful, annoying and restrictive. You have to wait until they have healed enough before starting to increase activity.

An irritation to the nerves between the metatarsals are called Neuromas and can cause sudden burning pain that ease quickly. Injections, orthoses and footwear can all help. Pain under the foot is usually a loading issue and orthoses, footwear, injections and manual therapy can all help.

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Heel pain chesterfield

Big Toe Pain

Our big toes are subjected to huge forces when we walk, run or jump, actually whenever we are standing on our feet. The joint and toe is much larger than the others and should be able to withstand the stress we place up on it but over time problems can occur that cause severe pain and limited mobility.

Early treatment is advised for big toe issues as maintaining a good range of motion in this joint is essential in helping to keep us moving. Big toe joint function is so important and can impact on many structures higher up the limb and into the body.

Manual therapy, injections, orthoses and footwear are all treatments that can work well. In some cases, we will suggest a surgical option.

Big toe pain

Ankle pain / Achilles Tendon Pain

Ankles can be painful in the front, at the back or either side of the ankle joint. Not good news! Pain can be caused by bones pressing on each other and the tendons than run around your ankle connecting it to your foot. Ankles can also be problematic following an ankle sprain.

Correct diagnosis is important and treatment can consist of injections, manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, shockwave, orthoses and footwear advice . Maintaining ankle joint mobility is really important to maintaining good movement function.

foot pain chesterfield

Colpod Therapies are experts in resolving all kinds of foot pain Chesterfield

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foot pain chesterfield