Run 3D Clinic – Why do it and what it offers.

Run 3D is a 3D video analysis system that allows us to look at your running in all planes of movement. The information is then analysed by us and the computer to see how you are moving. This is information can be used to help treat running injuries, look at improving performance and reducing the chances of becoming injured

Treating your Running Injury

Running injuries are a combination of many factors and are specific for you. How you move is an important factor as most running injuries are repetitive strain injuries. Running consists of a series of repetitive loading forces on our bodies and these can build up to cause an injury. The more information we have to help identify these forces, the better we can target treatment and help you overcome the injury. This does give us more information with regard to specifically targeting treatment to how you move and your injury. If we keep applying the same loading to the same tissues then we may recover from the injury but it is likely that it will return again. If you have recurring injuries or injuries that move around then you are probably continuing to load your body in the same way.

Reduce Your Injury Risk

Knowing how your bodies moves and how you load the tissues can also be important with regard to preventing injuries from occurring. With this system we can help to predict where you may be likely to have issues with certain structures in the future. This is not totally foolproof as injuries are usually a combination of factors but this information can be really helpful in targeting potential problems.

Improve your Running Performance

How we move and run can also affect our performance. If you are struggling with running faster or longer then the way you run and move could be what is holding you back. How we move is often the last thing we look for and our running technique becomes vital when we are trying to make small changes. The information from the 3D video gives you information on which areas of your running gait you may need to target with regards to improving your performance.


Finding out as much as we can about how we move and how this may relate to injuries or our performance has to be a good thing. This information combined with the assessment and knowledge from our podiatrist Colin will give you a fresh look at how you move. Colin is experienced in helping you change your running form and this is addressed by using specific exercises and running drills. All of this will be discussed. Other treatments include, manual therapy, footwear, orthoses, shockwave, specific exercises and running drills and advice on other aspects of your lifestyle that may be affecting your running.

Please contact us for more information if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment at this clinic.

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